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  Our professional commitment is to develop health strategies in order to help people become better consumers of both conventional and alternative medicine and to make these strategies available to everyone through Internet-based technology. This affords us the unprecedented opportunity not only to encourage responsible and effective consumerism of health practices but also to narrow the gap between prosperity and poverty and wellness and illness. There is also an urgent need for straightforward information that reduces the complexities of health care into the simplest possible terms so people have greater access to all forms of health care and can maximize the benefits of treatments.

We need to be more educated and involved in the health care process for several reasons: the increasing limitations and frustrations of managed care, the high costs of health care, the popularity of alternative medicine which creates the potential for harm and misuse, an interest in anti-aging, the prevalence of chronic illness, and environmental and technological threats to health along with extended life expectancy. By developing the skills necessary to survive such a complex environment, we can demystify health care and, hopefully, live better lives.

Biographical Information
  Health-advocate.com contributors include several properly credentialed and experienced public health professionals and educators dedicated to the promotion of an activist, educated health consumer. The founder and administrator of the service, Colleen C. Badell, Ph.D., graduated from Indiana University, Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, and holds graduate degrees in Counseling Psychology and Health Education from the University of San Francisco and University of New Mexico with specializations in health psychology, consumer advocacy, and health care reform. Dubbed by colleagues as the “Ralph Nader of health care,” Dr. Badell has been an educator and advocate for alternative and conventional medicine for thirty years, helping people safely navigate both systems of medicine.
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